At the end of of life, our questions are very simple: Did I live fully? Did I love well?”
— Jack Kornfield

Soul Integration Sessions

Better than anyone else in the world, we each know deep down how to remedy the problems in our own lives.
Soul Integration sessions simplify our complex, topsy turvy, very hectic Twenty First Century lives by putting them back into perspective and guiding us back to that which is real and meaningful to each of us individually.

Unborn child sessions

Unborn child sessions transform your relationship with your child, because you get to know them on a soul level.
You and your baby deserve to birth with love, reverence and awe. It will shatter your sense of who you think you are, and it will blow your heart wide open. With luck, you will never be the same again.
Unborn child sessions create the setting for parents and parents-to-be to connect on a soul level with their babies; born, unborn, and yet-to-be-conceived.


Soul Integration work


    • 2 ½ hour session of in-depth individual soul exploration: R2250 or $200
    • A full set of Soul Integration sessions for profound internal shifts in your inner matrix, directed by your Higher Self  – 4 sessions of 2 ½ hours each: R9000 or $800

Sessions can be in-person or via Zoom

 Unborn Child connection

  • 2 ½ hour session of in-depth individual soul exploration: R2250 or $200
  • A full set of Soul Integration sessions for profound internal shifts in your inner matrix, directed by your Higher Self  – 4 sessions of 2 ½ hours each: R9000 or $800


Sessions can be in-person or via Zoom

Other facilitators who have trained with me

Tatum Roche - Noordhoek, Cape Town

I am constantly intruiged by how powerfully the subconscious soul work impacts on my everyday life and the lives of my clients. My soul integration training started after the birth of my second daughter, Nala, but my journey with the work began when I was pregnant with Sivana, my first daughter and we did a soul connection session with her. It helped me overcome my nausea which turned out to be an energetic block. Since then I’ve witnessed many clients process stuck themes and resistance in their lives. I’ve also been privileged to witness the pure essence of individuals on a soul level. I love this work and I’m constantly learning through it.

Rates: R1200 per session of 2 ½ – 3 hours.

Shafeeka Broderick - Cape Town

My biography you say.. my human geographics up for display..where to start and what to say .. a description of the cultural cosmic concoctions in my genetics ? my educations and qualifications, diplomas and successes ?
My biography is too rich it might leave you with heart burn so I’ll rather keep it relevant, significant and something you earn.
But I will tell you a secret:
I am not who I’ve always been
The world that lies outstretched before me is not the only one I’ve seen
I’ve travelled on the tails of comets
I’ve burned up in the hearts of stars
I’ve been spat out of supernovas
that left me scattered near and far.
I’ve dined in distant galaxies
And taught the birds to sing
I’ve danced for a whole lifetime
Upon Saturn’s dusty rings.
I’ve hung upon the cosmic cliffs long enough
to feel the quantum leap,
I’ve sung celestial lullabies
That have put the moon to sleep.
I’ve been the flowing gushing river,
charging to the ocean strong.
I’ve been the sharp snap of lightning and the thrills of thunder laughing long.
I’ve sat in silence with the rainbow holding its hands to pray,
I’ve been frozen , I’ve been molten
And I’ll be again someday.
Although I’ve been a billion things
This is the first one that can smile,
Because I am pieces of the universe living as Human for a while.


Rates per 2 ½ hour session:

R1270 online

R1370 in person

Rosemary Meran - Mexico

I am a Soul Integration and Interpersonal Hypnotherapist facilitating Soul Connections sessions to help you connect with the inherent Divinity and soul essence of your baby and mother in alignment with the wisdom of your higher self. Through a carefully crafted combination of modalities—including Soul Integration, interpersonal hypnotherapy and transpersonal hypnotherapy—Soul Connections sessions offer you the opportunity to tune into your own higher wisdom, which will then become your ultimate guide (and best friend!) on the journey to becoming a more mindful, present, and spiritually awake parent.

Please contact me directly for rates.

Lisa Foale - Scarborough, Cape Town

After completing her Soul Integration studies, Lisa Foale did a four year training in Process Work at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon. Process Work, otherwise known as Process Oriented Psychology has its roots in Jungian Psychology and as such is based on the understanding that our psyche seeks wholeness. Through dreams, body symptoms, relationship conflicts and even fanatasies and daydreams, our psyche shows us what it wants us to know at this time.

Processwork is an awareness practice and through awareness, we follow the process as closely as we can, thereby allowing new aspects of ourselves to emerge. We then engage with the work of integrating these new aspects, thereby expanding our sense of self. Often, in the work, the client is asked to access the subconscious in the same as way as in Soul Integration and her experience and tools of Soul Integration are applied to the work, thus merging the two modalities.

Lisa is a member of the International Association of Process Oriented Psychology. She works with individuals, couples and organisations.

She practices from Scarborough and Noordhoek.

Contact details:

073 5224068;;


Rate: R800 per hour

For more information on Processwork, see