Unborn Child Session

Birth is a peak experience that has the potential to transform us, and birthing with conscious awareness offers our children an initial experience of life where they are shown that they need not be afraid – that life in all its intensity is something to embrace, laugh with, cry about and cherish.

Meeting your unborn baby on a soul level prior to birth shifts your relationship to a sacred level of connection. One of the most uplifting experiences of pregnancy is to work with forming a relationship with your child when he or she is still in the womb.

Unborn babies are so connected to their soul’s knowing that they hold a wisdom that far surpasses our narrow, limited version of reality.  Shortly into any session working with unborn children they reveal themselves to be filled with unconditional love and to have a deep acceptance of us and our inability to understand life from their much clearer perspective.

Baby A4 SOLD
Pregnancy is a time of spiritual connection.
As Rosie said in her session with her unborn child “It’s almost like I can see the connection between my heart and womb where the baby is; there’s this strong red force connecting us. She’s a naughty, cheeky elf with a grin and then a laugh like music.” Rosie’s sense was that her baby was such a happy, giggly being that she wanted lots of laughter to make the birth easier. The session made her feel “calm but strong at the same time”.
Her husband who attended the session with her described his connection to their baby thus; “it seems like a glowing white ribbon from my heart. Like a longing, I can’t find words for it. It’s just love; bursting at the seams kind of stuff.”
Parent’s inner wisdom guides them to feel this connection to their babies. Even those parents who don’t trust in their ability to connect intuitively to their child in the womb seem to easily establish this relationship once they relax and allow the process to unfold.  As they soften, listen and feel the quality of his essence, the baby then tells them what he needs to say.

“Robyn’s birth preparation sessions were just beautiful, each session a delight. It gave me the space to express and explore and connect and move and dance and be centered be with my partner (completely) and feel moments of deep connection with my baby and experience her wisdom and beauty, this being filled with love. And our babe’s arrival was so sudden and unexpected, her presence, her beingness, her realness left Ivan and I laughing in delight, in amazement and wonder and connection and love. A sense of utter presence which we could hold. Our midwife wasn’t able to get to us in time, so it was just Ivan and I and this new new being. In the weeks and months that followed I have been able to hold my small beautiful little child and look deep into her eyes and see and be met by the magnificent beautiful love soul being God within and say yes hello I know you and fill to the brim with love and tears and emotion. ” – Lisa

Options for working with your unborn baby

  • A two and a half to three hour session to allow time for a profound connection to develop between you and your baby.
  • A shortened two hour session; straightforward session for parents who feel very comfortable about their upcoming birthing, and have limited time or financial constraints.
  • Three or four sessions of three hours each, for deep work and to clear generational patterns, fears and anxieties, and to clear the relationship with your baby before birth to minimize difficult dynamics later in life. We also gently assist clients to embrace their wholeness; including both their shadow sides and their enlightened selves.

A set of Connecting with your Unborn Child sessions can clear many of your unhealthy ancestral patterns and conditioned beliefs, increase your intuition and self trust, and create a soul bond with your incoming baby.

How sessions work

We work individually with clients using a Jungian process of active imagination to connect them to their own inner knowing and to guide them to create profound connections to their babies before they are born. Parents are guided into a calm place of relaxation as they rest on a massage table for the session. It is not unlike dream work. These connections not only assist parents to find out how best to support their babies on their journey from the womb out into the world, they also create a sacred bond that lasts a lifetime. The communication with the babies occurs soul to soul through a process of using active imagination.
The imagination is rich with symbols and deeper levels of meaning. We are each entirely responsible for our own imagination as it belongs to each of us individually, and is never something someone else does for us, or something that we mimic from the outside.

Southern African Rates

  • Set of 4 in-depth, individual sessions for profound soul preparation  prior to birth – 2 ½ to 3 hours per session: R8000 for 4
  • 2 ½ to 3 hour session hour session for connecting to the unborn child – pre or post conception: R2250 
  • 2 hour shortened session for connecting to the unborn child in the womb: R1800 

Sessions can be in-person or via Zoom

Birth Preparation course

We have created unborn baby birth preparation training programs that assist parents to honour the sacred wisdom of birth and of their unborn babies.

Follow the link below to read more about it.