About Soul Integration


From the expanded perspective of the Liminal Lands, gazing at our beautiful world filled with such immense suffering, it is strikingly clear that to heal the world I need to first heal myself. I cannot love deeply and unconditionally until I truly love myself in the same way. My task is therefore both inner and outer. It doesn’t matter if I’m a fisherman, a psychologist or a bus driver, my impact on the collective consciousness and my impact on the people I live and work amongst is magnified exponentially when I am healed from within.


Mother Nature loves and supports us unconditionally. Our vision is to bring people into alignment with the rhythm and love of the earth and then from the base of our feet bring her healing into our hearts where it can meet the wisdom and clarity of expanded states of being.
We are each unique, beautiful celestial bodies glowing in the cosmos, and if our glow has dimmed because our actions are dark and violent, hurting the earth and her children, then we are beautiful stars that have been wounded through a lack of love ourselves.


There is nothing any of us can afford to turn away from any longer. We offer you an opportunity to look deeply into your own heart to embrace the sadness, the hardship and the incredible joy of being alive, so that you can stand in your truth with love and gratitude for the journey. Join us on this exploration because as with any travelling into unknown territory, it is always a whole lot more fun when we do it together.


Soul Integration is anchored in a spiritual and historical lineage that stretches backwards through the wisdom of the ages. Marlies Van Boxtel, a Jungian psychoanalyst trained me as a facilitator. She in turn, prior to her Jungian studies, learned session work from Chris Griscom, founder in 1985 of the Light Institute in Galisteo, New Mexico. Chris downloaded much of the material for sessions from her Higher Self and simultaneously drew from her own training in past life regression, meditation and ancient techniques for clearing the emotional patterns that become stuck in our cellular memory.

As in any spiritual lineage, each facilitator learns the techniques for supporting clients by also tapping into their own spiritual guidance for how to bring their unique essence to the lineage transmission. They in turn inspire their students and their clients to access their own inner visions and healing.

The particular flavour of my own practice has developed out of a thirty plus year commitment to meditation that was grounded in the Theravadan tradition with my most influential meditation teachers being Kittisaro and Thanissara, the co-founders of Sacred Mountain Sangha.

The facilitators I have trained in turn have added their own essence to their offerings. They have added other diverse sources of inspiration to their work such as cranio-sacral therapy, hypnotherapy, process work, massage, kundalini yoga, Family constellations and midwifery. 

This is a living tradition that has a sturdy and structured foundation which nourishes each facilitators unique soul centred offering. All the work is rooted in the wild heart of Mother Earth. Even when it takes place in an apartment in New York or over Zoom it is guided by the ancient wisdom and unhurried pace of the natural world.

Robyn Sheldon

Robyn has an art degree, with subsequent studies in meditation, midwifery, soul integration and dance. All of her questing emerged from a longing to understand the sacred mystery of life. She writes about this mystery in her books The Mama Bamba Way, a book about the sacred nature of birth, and in The Liminal Lands, an autobiographical account of her own soul journey.

Robyn offers different pathways for soul exploration. She deepens her understanding of the numinous through her art, her writing and her own ongoing soul seeking.

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