As we drop into open-hearted living, we begin to feel the pulse of the Earth and all her inhabitants. Then to hurt another is to hurt ourselves. And at that level of connection we truly have the potential to change the world 


Robyn photo plus roots
Play is one of the highest expressions of the soul

“It is true that humans are unbearably, unbelievably precious. When we tune into the energetic frequency of love we have the ability to create a planet that broadcasts that love out through the Universe.”

Robyn has over 30 years professional experience in holding space for
clients as they follow the guidance of their own inner wisdom towards
wholeness and health.

She is a Soul Integration practitioner, an author of 3 books on soul & shamanic development, a midwife, an artist and a dance facilitator.  Robyn infuses creativity and a deep commitment to the sacred nature of life into all her healing methodologies.

Soul integration sessions

One on one sessions with Robyn. In person or via Zoom.


Full spectrum services, before, during and after birth


Finding connection and your still centre in a group setting.

Unborn Child Sessions

Connect on a soul level with your babies; born, unborn, and yet-to-be-conceived.

Specialised services


Soul Care for parents who are grieving a baby that has died or a child that is terminally ill.

The sessions gently hold space for being present to the magnitude of child-loss grief with its pain that never goes away but  transforms parents into entirely different beings on this planet.


Sessions to explore the deeper soul purpose beneath the experience of finding yourself not pregnant yet again, month after awful month. We check in with your Soul Essence for guidance and with your body for the emotions that are longing for release.

The sessions do not promise pregnancy, their purpose is for healing the emotional wounds that sometimes hold our bodies back from conception.

What is Soul Integration work?

Soul integration is a process that facilitates deep inner healing. You are carefully guided by your own soul wisdom to access the matrix of who you believe yourself to be. This process is facilitated through a combination of Jungian active imagination, somatic clearing of subconscious issues and an attunement to the soul’s knowing which understands exactly what each one of us needs to do to become whole once again.

Soul Integration is a deeply meditative process, like psychological surgery with your own soul self as the most precise surgeon. Your soul self knows exactly which issues you are ready to clear and which masks still serve you well on your life journey.


“There is so much to respect and value about the grace and the gravitas that is Robyn. She embodies her sacred offerings like a true Earth Mother. A brave bridge between Earth and Ether. A mastered visionary and wisdom keeper. With a courageous, creative and immensely compassionate heart. I cherish the times I have shared with her and hold them as both a blessing and a gift.”