The ‘Beloved’ is a term for the inner guidance that I turn to and merge with to find my direction through life. Usually it’s instructions are very straightforward: ‘Trust me’, or ‘Simplify’, or ‘Be at peace’, or “I’m always, always here.’ The felt sense of it is one of abiding love and of a quiet, sustained joy. It feels grounded and is the only way I experience being properly at home in this body. Other people with other life experiences might feel properly at home because they are mindful, or love life, or feel this connection when they’re in nature, or on their computer. We’re all unique.
I never thought I could teach about befriending the Beloved because when it arrived it felt like a state of grace. How do you teach that? I couldn’t demand grace. But I’ve learned that I can turn towards it and when I do that, it is always, always there. I unknowingly leant towards it for years through meditation, and at times it felt like dipping my heart into a stream of clear, refreshing water. Then it started shifting my energy field, or perhaps shifting me on a cellular level deep inside. Slowly it grew in intensity and I experienced it as clearer and more present. In fact I became more present to it, because it is always there. However I now realise that it doesn’t have to take years to develop this relationship with the Divine. The veils of illusion are very thin during times of global crisis when our worlds have turned upside down and we’ve shifted out of complacency.
This turning of the attention is a skill; a practical, communicable skill that anyone can learn because we all have this inner wisdom and we all have a yearning to turn towards it and to come home.
The Beloved feels safe. It is wiser than me and it opens my heart in a world of massive disconnection and disillusion. I feel ready to share my journey now because maybe if more of us lift our hearts towards a divine inner knowing, it could guide us through the shambles.