Soul integration sessions

Stillness is quiet and without movement. I can move inward to access stillness, but in stillness, I can only rest, and out of that resting, form grows naturally and effortlessly. Pure stillness is the creative potential at the point before bursting forth into manifestation. It is through stillness that you arrive at an awakened world. 

The quieter we become and the deeper we listen, the more we have access to the soul self within ourselves. It is a place of absolute peace and calm.
When we hold ourselves in this stillness of the soul self, we transmit peace and calm into the space around us.
Attuning to the infinite power at this Still Point we come into alignment with everything outside of us. From the level of fine-tuning where we actually come to a full stop, we are one with everything within and without ourselves.
Soul Integration sessions create profound shifts at a deep level of our consciousness where outworn patterns of behavior are released to allow for a centered and balanced sense of a fully integrated self. They are guided by the Higher Self using a process of Active Imagination.

By harnessing the energy of the soul self through Soul Integration sessions, we transform not only ourselves, but also the people around us and our environment. As we work on deeper levels of our own consciousness, we impact the collective unconscious, and through changing ourselves, perhaps we even change the world.

Imagine a baby, still so trusting, soft and beautiful, so full of love. Imagine a baby who isn’t afraid, because this baby is loved by her parents. She is kept close to her mother with skin to skin contact. She is breastfed and she is peaceful and observant. This baby is absorbing her surroundings and seems awestruck by how beautiful everything is, especially her mother. Imagine that baby.
This is an image of a person before life has thrown rejection, failure, hunger or sadness at her. It is an image of a person before the challenges of life have caused her to close down into tension, constriction, defensiveness or attack mode.

Unless we consciously develop our relationship with it, this is usually as close as we get in our lives to our soul self. Soul Integration sessions assist us to move back into a more harmonious flow with the rhythms of life and with the wisdom of our soul self.

What to expect in a set of sessions

We all have a blueprint that forms how we imagine ourselves to be in the world and how we see the world reflecting itself back to us. This matrix is not who we truly are, which is beyond definition, but it is created out of:
  • our soul purpose
  • good and bad karma
  • experiences that we’ve had, both uplifting and traumatic
  • genetic inheritance
  • past life inheritance
The purpose of the sessions is to enter into the world of this matrix and look at what no longer serves us there; these patterns or cycles that we unconsciously create can impact negatively on our lives and relationships.
Connecting to the matrix is not simply a matter of accessing it through hypnosis or regression. The process requires tapping into the highest level of consciousness we are able to access given whatever is happening in our lives at that time. We usually identify this through the experience of feelings of joy, equanimity, loving kindness and compassion; we dwell in an inspiring space when we are connected to the well being these feelings activate.
In sessions we employ a process of active imagination, (or following a train of internal imagery after an initial guided relaxation), to achieve as high a vibration as possible and to resonate with the qualities of well being. The Higher Self shows itself through the imagination and takes symbolic form. It knows exactly what we need to address to become more centered and to let go of the negative cycles and patterns that we have been so firmly attached to through our lives. The Higher Self guides the session, and the facilitator is there to hold the space and to keep it safe enough for clients to trust what is happening.
The emotional body operates outside of time, so a negative cycle that is repressed sits in the cells of our bodies creating havoc in our lives until we uncover and release it. When we unlock aspects of our blueprint that hinder our soul evolution and release them, we feel freer, lighter and more centered. We can make life decisions from a place of greater serenity and joy.

During a set of sessions...

we can look at any part of our lives for more clarity, insight or healing:
  • Relationships; our primary relationships are our mother and father because from the moment of conception we absorbed osmotically, genetically and ancestrally, our parents ideas of how they see the world. These beliefs are usually deeply submerged in our unconscious. They are the stuff out of which we create the relationships that we have in the world; partners, children etc., who often reflect back to us the unhealed aspects of those primary relationships in order to heal them.
  • Soul purpose and insight into the choices we are making
  • Specific themes cycling thorough our lives, eg lack of money or lack of trust or insomnia.
  • Archetypes. As sessions progress towards working at a deeper level of our psyches we look at our individual relationships with our inner male, inner female, inner grandparents, good mother, bad mother etc. 
  • The elements. Through working with our unique relationship the elements and what each archetype represents symbolically and emotionally, we can bring balance back into our lives. 
A set of three or four Soul Integration sessions can heal trauma, release stress and align us with our soul self and our own internal truth.

Southern African Rates


  • 2 ½ to 3 hour session of in-depth individual soul exploration: R2250
  • A full set of Soul Integration sessions for profound internal shifts in your inner matrix, directed by your Higher Self  – 4 sessions of 2 ½ to 3 hours each: R8000 

Sessions can be in-person or via Zoom