Playing with the Divine

No one can keep us from carrying God

Wherever we go.

No one can rob His Name

From our heart as we try to relinquish our fears

And at last stand — Victorious.

We do not have to leave him in the mosque

Or church alone at night;

We do not have to be jealous of tales of saints

Or glorious masts, those intoxicated souls

Who can make outrageous love with the Friend.

We do not have to be envious of our spirits’ ability

Which can sometimes touch God in a dream.

Our yearning eyes, our warm-needing bodies,

Can all be drenched in contentment

And Light.

No one anywhere can keep us

From carrying the Beloved wherever we go.

No one can rob His precious Name

From the rhythm of my heart —

Steps and breath.


What do we mean by the Divine?

Playing with the angelic wisdom that resides deep in our core is a forgotten aspect that brings us into healing and wholeness.
It is loving, nurturing, inspiring and a source of creativity.
It is always here and it wants:
o to reveal itself to us as much as we wish it to be revealed
o to develop a relationship
o is as fulfilled through the relationship as we are with it.

All you need is to want to communicate and to form a relationship. It will do the rest.
This Beloved core essence is an aspect of God. The more we stretch ourselves upwards towards it through the imaginal realms, the further it stretches downwards towards us to a place where we can meet one another. Initially this can be quite a stretch, but like limbering the muscles through yoga practice, it becomes easier the more we do it.
Connecting with our inner divinity fills a deep soul longing
o It assists us to see ourselves through its eyes – as the beautiful beings we are in the midst of all our imperfections.
o It guides us on how to meet our challenges
o It fills us with grace and an ability to listen to the sounds of the world at ease.
o It creates a felt sense of being at home; safe and grounded whilst fully in our bodies.
o It is never judgmental
o It is wise and unconditionally loving.
o It is the deepest, most fulfilling and empowering relationship we can have in this lifetime.
o The experience is one of merging with the Soul Self.
o It creates emotional health and well-being.
o It leads us through our shadow aspects into a centred, healed sense of self.
o It is vast, mysterious and always somewhat unknown.
o It is powerful and teaches us about wholesome power.
o In the merging with the Divine, we become One with all that is.
Then we treat others and our environment as we would like to be treated ourselves.

The desert in my bones is parched as brittle twigs

Where shame struts and crows

Refusing to party with the wild ones.

Then age, that creaking goddess of pleasure and pain

grows mossy in the crevices.

She holds the shame with tender fingers and strokes his broken wings.

Arthritic echoes of longing whisper “let me in”,

Ancient chambers groan open in my heart,

Silver liquid tickles my fancy

And moonshine pours into sprouting rivulets of blood.


Exploring pathways to the Divine is fun; it is sometimes awkward, sometimes as big as a pre-Covid Premier League final, sometimes delicate as a dandelion puff. It requires us to let go of expectations and mind-control. It always speaks in a language that is  unique to the individual and it always leads to the same place of unconditional love and arriving home to our Soul-knowing.

Join us for some playtime. I dare you!

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I will also be offering an online course on Playing with the Divine. We’ll be meeting on Thursday evenings on Zoom. $133:00. The course includes interactive discussions and meditations in real time and in addition will include reading material, videos and exercises to complete at your own pace.

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