Mama Bamba

Birth Preparation

Our antenatal classes are designed to create empowering and transformative birth experiences for you, your partner and your baby. from the womb into the world 

Doula Directory

Doulas provide continuous, emotional support to women in labour. They are comfortable and confident in guiding women through the mysterious journey of labour and birth. They encourage, nurture, and support the birthing mother and her partner. They take care of her with kindly words, appreciation, guidance, massage and simple presence.

Doula Training

Mama Bamba doulas are taught to hold a strong, still, supportive space for their clients in labour. When both parents are free of fear, the mother naturally moves into an altered state of consciousness.
Babies born into this sacred birthing field remain connected to a high frequency of consciousness resonating with unconditional love and wisdom.

Connecting with the Unborn Child Weekend

Courses for parents-to-be designed to create deep and lasting connections to your babies prior to birth. Whether you are birthing at home under the stars or in a theatre near you, soul-filled birth preparation can promote safe and loving spaces for you all during your baby’s magical journey from the womb into the world