There is more to everyday life than meets the eye.

We have our physical world with the sensory experiences of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell.

We have our emotional world with the sensory experiences in the physical body of a tight stomach due to anxiety, a clenched jaw from agitation, an open posture from laughing when viewing the West Coast wildflowers in September. 

We have the sense of urgent time we experience when meeting a deadline for a presentation on the timelessness that develops when we become immersed in the present moment.

We have higher frequencies of awareness that feel like love, joy, compassion and equanimity that are more expansive and inclusive than the constricted experience of apathy, guilt or depression.

We have rational, intellectual experiences of analysing, conceptualising and making sense of life.

We have the heart knowing that arises when we open the heart to experience the unconditional love that is the ground of all being.

We can recognise an interconnection between self and everything identified as other-than-self through the life force energy that embodies it all.

We have access to the gut knowing of primal awareness that might come from ancestral awareness or our DNA.

We can experience mystical states, meditation insights, psychotic breaks, or psychedelic landscapes that all include an awareness of liminal spaces beyond our conventional sight. 

There is the Great Mystery, God, Source or the Unconditioned, the experience of which is described in the Prajnaparamita or Heart Sutra in Buddhist texts as ‘Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.’

Playing in the fields of the Divine happens when we recognise that we keep ourselves small through rolling ourselves into tight little balls like millipedes whenever we are exposed to anything we perceive as danger, and that unlike the millipedes we usually forget to unravel after the danger has passed.

Playing with the Divine is an exploration into the vast territories of the unknown mystery that opens up to us through creativity in all its forms, through present moment immersion and through accessing deeper states of connection to the mystery (primarily in this course) through meditation.

Enjoy the trip and get ready for blast off.