Dear Soul explorer,

I am so looking forward to starting the journey with you 🙂

Our first session as a group will take place on Thursday, 7th October 2021 from 20:00 – 21:30 South African time (GMT+2)

Weekly Zoom sessions:

  • Please log in 5min early so that we’re all ready to start at 20:00. 
  • If possible please find a quiet spot where you will not be distracted during the session. In order to create a quiet and contained space free of distractions we will all keep our microphones on mute unless we are speaking. 
  • It would be ideal if you could have your video on so that we can see you and engage. If that is not possible for the entire call please switch it on when you are speaking.
  • You are welcome to make use of the chat box or use the “hand up” function if you have a question. We will create space for lots of feedback and questions during the session.

This online platform will act as your digital manual as well as your course guide.

The content is broken up into 5 Modules. We will make the relevant lessons available as we move through the course. We will try to update you on the shared WhatsApp group when there are new lessons available. You can work through these lessons weekly to support what we are covering in the live sessions.

The in-person meetings will be set a week apart. This will allow you time to work through the material in-between our sessions and to absorb the content at your own pace.
We won’t be referring to the digital content very often during our live sessions but it is a good idea to have it open as from time to time we will highlight important sections. 

The self study that you will do each week will include reading through the online material and watching the videos as well as completing practical exercises that you will do in small groups or on your own

You will have access to this online platform for 3 years so you have plenty of time to work through everything but it will add a depth to your learning if you do the reading weekly. When there is a specific exercise or reading that we require you to do we will always let you know via the WhatsApp group. 

In between going through the practical content of the course we will keep coming back to who we each are, and what unique quality we bring to the world as our soul purpose. We will spend time exploring this during our live sessions as well as encourage you to develop your connection to your heart knowing in the space between our weekly sessions.

We will create a WhatsApp group on which we will share reminders and updates each week. This is also a wonderful place to ask questions and connect as a group. If you have a question it’s most likely someone else does too so please make use of this interactive space.

We look forward to connecting on Thursday the 2nd September.

With love