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What is a Doula?

A doula is the term given to a person attending to the continuous, emotional support of a woman in labour. Traditionally, women – especially first time mothers, would be assisted by other women when they were giving birth. The best birth attendants were comfortable and confident that they knew the way forward through the journey of labour and birth. Ideally, they were there to encourage, nurture, and support the birthing mother. They took care of her with kindly words, appreciation, guidance, massage and focused attention. Doulas provide emotional companionship in labour.
A doula does not replace the birth partner; she acts in a supportive role to both parents, and her role is to encourage the birth partner to recognize how integral their involvement can be in creating a satisfying birth experience. Part of a doula’s role is to assist the partner to stay more involved during labour, rather than to pull away in times of stress. Because doulas are familiar with the process of birth, they can honestly reassure both parents about the normality of the experience during times when it might seem overly intense.
The power of birth generally has a long term impact on our emotional and spiritual well being. Whether it creates a positive or a negative impression depends on our circumstances, our level of trust and our ability to remain open to the experience.

Capetown Doula's

Amy Mongie



Hi, I offer my doula services in the Helderberg, Stellenbosch & Wineland areas. 

Through my experience of preparing for & having 2 home births, I gained a completely new understanding of the power & strength of our incredible bodies.

These experiences led me to train as a doula and start Souls in Motion where we offer pregnancy yoga, Mindful Birthing Workshops and doula support. I love sharing with women that beautiful positive births are absolutely possible and doable. I aim to guide my clients to learn to trust the process, trust their power and to stay present and loving however their birth unfolds.

You can call me on 072 551 4287 or email me at 

Angela Morton


Hello. I live in Cape Town and service the South Peninsula, Southern Suburbs and City Bowl areas.


Birth for me is magical, miraculous, sacred and momentous.  Even when I look back at my two less than ideal births 3 decades ago, I still recall how I felt as my children entered the world.  And this is what I strive for as a doula – to facilitate in helping you, the parents, feel that sense of total awe, pride, joy, love and achievement.  I feel such joy when I am present to a new life entering the world and I absolutely feel the parents’ joy as they “see” their baby for the first time.


Remember, you deliver your baby, no one else!

And so birth preparation is so important.  You need to know what to expect, have dealt with any fears before hand and feel safe when your birthing time arrives.  Safety in the birthing room is one of the requirements for you to release all the necessary hormones for an easier birth so trusting your body and care-givers is essential.  Fear is a hindrance so we need to work through your misgivings and questions before hand.  

We start our relationship by building rapport and trust.  As a counsellor, I can help you to work through any pre-birth fears as well as any possible post partum trauma.  I’ll prepare you with evidence based information plus my experience.  I’ll re-assure you that you are built for birth, just like our animal kingdom is.  I’ll encourage you to research as much as you can and if you choose, through your own research, to include hospital interventions.  I will support you through whatever you choose for your birth.  

I will help you make your own choices and decisions without any personal agenda other than for you to have your best birth.  And I will remind you of your birth wishes when they seem to be forgotten.

Very importantly, I offer your partner the support that they need, so that you are best supported by the one who knows you best. 


Before, during and after the birth I bring you non-judgment, compassion, calm and consistency and full presence.  I offer you the value of listening beyond just your words, listening with all my senses to all your senses in order to hold you appropriately.   I become the encourager, witness, mirror, and holder of space mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.     I want to help you experience yourself at a deeper level and prepare you for the transformation into parenthood.


I’ll be there for you after the birth to help with mental, emotional and physical support.  I offer practical support with post partum plans and their implementation.

Being present and holding space at your birth is one of the biggest privileges I get to experience in my life!

My number is 073 665-5884  or email me at

Chana Opert

Hi. I am based in Milnerton and offer my services in the nearby areas. 

Mom of 7, certified Hatha Yoga instructor,  Black Belt (1st Dan) in Karate, I believe in the endless potential of our bodies. I feel passionate about the miracle of birth and empowering women to trust their bodies and minds.

My services include antenatal visits, supply of information, labour and birth support through massage and natural pain relief techniques, active labour positions, guided relaxation and visualisation, yogic breathing and positive affirmations, postpartum support (postnatal visits, help with establishing successful breastfeeding).

I believe that every woman is able to find the right Doula for herself. Give it a try. 

You can contact me on 0781423658 or email me at  

Lana Petersen

Lana Profile pic

I’m a mother of two home birthed daughters based in Cape Town (Cape Flats) I’ve been a doula since 2004 and Traditional Birth Attendant since 2016.

Supporting someone through pregnancy & birth has become such a sacred calling for me and I am truly humbled and in awe each time I see people transformed by their experience of birth – it really is a great privilege.

I also offer a birthing equipment rental service and co host quarterly home birth gatherings in Cape Town offering information and support for those exploring this option.

I would love to connect with you.

Email –

Cell- 073 514 9754

Karen Wilmot


I cover Southern Suburbs, Cape Town & winelands.  I am a midwife who left the hospital system in 2009 because I had a vision of creating change. My bespoke packages can include prenatal yoga, intensive Mama Bamba & hypnobirthing birth preparation, doula support at home/ hospital + post natal home visits. I also offer 24/7 live-in support during the first week at home to help you adjust to life with a newborn, help establish successful feeding & ensure you are well nourished & rested. All my packages include access to my online courses & extensive resource library plus 24/7 whatsapp support.  |

Nico Athene

Nico Athene

Atlantic Seaboard to Southern Suburbs

I work with embodied practice as a way of opening to the world and allowing love to permeates the multiple modalities and services I offer. I am committed to holding inclusive and non-judgemental spaces of birth and healing in my work as a doula, family constellations facilitator and ontological (embodied) explorations facilitator. Reclaiming our consciousness of our embodied lives is the only methodology I know of to live more authentically and fully in the world.

Qualified Yoga Teacher (Ashtanga)
BA in Social Anthropology (UCT)
Masters in Public Health (University of Edinburgh)
Masters in Fine Arts (Performance) (University of Witswatersrand)
Family Constellations Facilitator (African Constellations)

Website link: pending

Jeané van Zyl

Business name : The Unelaborated Doula

Areas I service : Pretoria North /West, Montana, Moot Area, Sinoville, Annlin, Doornpoort

Hospitals : Pretoria West, Akasia Netcare, Montana Hospital, Eugene Marrais, Steve Biko.

Introduction : Hello, I am Jeané, a wife and mommy to a wildfire and strong spirited 1 year old. Becoming a doula has been something I’ve been interested in for quite some time. I am fearlessly confident in all mothers to have empowering births however they may be birthing. Humbled to simply be a space holder and a servant to many mothers.

Website Link WordPress –

Facebook –

Instagram –

Natasha Rajao

Tasha Headshot

Centurion Doula – Pretoria
Mamabamba in person training.

My name is Natasha, and I am a Doula (Trainee). I have had the tremendous pleasure of training with Mama Bamba trainers and continue to receive ongoing education and support.
My passion for Pregnancy, Birth, Post-Partum Care and Breastfeeding evolved after the birth of my 3 sons, and the differences in each of their births, as well as the supportive care I received from my midwives and doula during my pregnancies and births. Taking care of many infants over a period of 20 years, I have listened to many new parent’s experiences and the difference, continued support can make. The magnificent benefits for supportive births and care are evident in my direct experience with the parents I have worked with over the years.
It is with great pleasure that I would love to support new families during these most exciting but also most vulnerable changes.

Yvandi Bartmann


I am a student Doula servicing the Southern Suburbs, South Peninsula and Cape Town.
Ever since I was a little girl I had a fascination and love for the miracle of conception, pregnancy and birth.
As an adult that childlike wonder and awe has greatly multiplied and I now happily serve women as a birth doula and life coach.
With a background in nursing and psychology, I have an absolute love for my caring profession. My job is to support you in any way you need, be it in the form of reassurance, providing information, relaxation and visualisation, practical preparation, fear busting practices or just checking in on you from time to time.
It’s all about you and your birth experience. I never replace your partner, but together we find a rhythm that best supports and honours you. I will be in your corner, cheering you on.
M: +27 72 213 2510 | | IG: coachyvandidoula

Gauteng Doula's

Tertia Alkema

I am a mother of  two amazing boys, and partner to my best friend.

As a doula I support and guide women and their partners through pregnancy, birth and beyond in the greater Johnnesburg area.

I love supporting couples in their choices and seeing the wonder and awe of parents as they hold their newborn in their arms for the very first time.

My doula career and training started in 2008. I keep current by attending births at various hospitals and homes, attending courses and interacting with care providers, as well as listening to my most willing teachers – my clients and their babies. 

Cell: 0617781327. Email: or


Luzonne Mentz

I offer my doula services in Pretoria. 

My role is to support parents in their journey towards parenthood. As a birth doula I believe in the power of being informed and educated throughout a pregnancy. I believe women can and deserve to have an empowering and fulfilling birth experience, no matter what they choose. Being part of the birth team during this time in a couple’s lives is a gift and a privilege.

You can contact me on 071 896 5720 or e-mail me at, for more information see my website at

Durban Doula's

Waheeda Buckus


I am a student doula servicing the Musgrave, Overport,  Sherwood, Westville & Umhlanga areas.

My passion for natural birth without extreme medical intervention was born after witnessing the birth of my sister at age 21. The experience of gaining a sibling so late in life as well as the challenges of a high risk pregnancy and lack of support provided by doctors during that difficult time, led me to train as a doula. As a doula my aim is to empower women not to fear birth but rather embrace their bodies natural process so that they have a positive birth experience through trust, love and support.

Other qualifications: Cupping and Massage therapist

My number is 079 745 8384 or email me at

Instagram: @santorini_women Facebook: santoriniwomen