Dana for Meditation Sessions

“Dana” is the Buddhists principal of generosity, based on the concept of a gifting for the teachings; “give what you can, take what you need”

This page is specifically for the meditation sessions that I lead on Thursday evenings via Zoom. We explore the sacred feminine essence that dwells within each of us.

The meditation sessions are free with the option of participants gifting Dana. 
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We begin our exploration of Coming Home to the Soul Self by investigating the movement towards Spirit and the return towards Soul.  It is a yang yin cycle that is ever spiralling towards completion.

It is a welcoming journey that embraces all our imperfections, our longings and our fears.

The journey is more important than the outcome, but if there was a goal it would be kindness.

Each week we will focus on a different facet of the journeyW



Thank you!

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