Anchoring the heart

‘When we strip away our armour and our conditioning, all that is left exposed are our wild hearts soaked in an underlying matrix of love

This course of deep exploration and transformation is based on Robyn’s new book, Elsie October.   Our bodies are conduits for whatever we choose to bring through them; fear, love, anger or peacefulness. In this seven day course we look at what we choose to transmit through our bodies.We explore the indivisible connection we have to the ‘soup’ of life in which we either float or thrash around. It is through this powerful force that we connect to our unique soul purpose, receive inspiration, and develop the power to impact the collective consciousness
Anchoring the Heart is a course designed to tap into the wisdom of the Cosmos and the love of Mother Earth; we draw them in through the crowns of our heads and the soles of our feet and we anchor them in our hearts. We express them through our hands, feet, eyes, ears, mouths and actions.
Els & Abby A5 $95

This course includes:

  • 3 days of in depth personal exploration 
  • Delicious, nourishing, lacto-ovo vegetarian lunch each day.
  • A course manual
  • A copy of Robyn’s novel, Elsie October
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Through anchoring the heart we are at the forefront of ushering in a new age of conscious awareness and of living from a place of love. We work with the elements of water, fire, air and earth in this course. My newly written, about to be published novel, Elsie October, serves as a backbone for the course, and is required reading beforehand. Breathing practice, meditation, listening deeply, gratitude practice, opening the heart, movement, dharma talks, enquiry, connecting to the earth, relaxation, laughter and time out are the tools we will be using to engage with the elements.
Ancient wisdom
  • There is an ancient wisdom vibrating at a frequency of unconditional love that is the ground of being.
  • It is hidden from us through our entrenched patterns of resistance and fear. 
  • These are often ancestral or collective patterns, but we experience them as difficult events in our own lives, thus entrenching them further and passing them on to future generations.
  • Our external experience mirrors what we most seek to heal in our own lives, so we often choose suffering to confront our deepest wounds in an effort to heal them.
  • Being courageous enough to face our own fears is a powerful way to evolve.
  • However there is another way that is more accessible to us as veils of illusion are lifting off in these uncertain times.
  • The new way anchors the love of Mother Earth and the wisdom of the Heavens into our hearts. As it flows through us from the soles of our feet and the crowns of our heads, we are filled with compassion, joy, serenity and a spacious sense of oneness with all that is.
  • When we bathe our wounds and fears in the love available in this oneness, they have the opportunity to become naturally soothed and healed.
  • As we heal ourselves, we heal generational patterns for our ancestors and our descendants.
  • As we heal generational patterns, we begin to heal the collective consciousness.
  • As the collective heals, so the wounds we inflict upon the Earth lessen and she has the opportunity to become healthy once again.