How to set blog page and how to use the Blog template

Date Published:  9 June 2022

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On the left WordPress Menu: Go to Posts – Add new.

 Do the following when the WordPress editor opens:

  • Find the settings on the right of the page
  • Change Template to: Elementor Full width
  • Turn off comments
  • Now you can click on Edit with Elementor
Read instructions for Elementor below


  • Once  Elementor opens:
  • click on the little file icon in the grey circle at the bottom of the page – library
  • Click on My templates
  • Choose Blog template
  • Click Apply in the next box that opens
  • The page will load and you can then fill in your post
When you are done writing your post in Elementor:
  •  Click on the settings icon in the bottom left corner of the Elementor menu – it is the one on the very left (on the same bar that our update button is)
  • Add Excerpt for the main blog page
  • Add Featured image for the main blog page
  • Please don’t change anything else there.

The template makes sure that all the setting stay the same for each blog post and it will include the button at the bottom, the navigation, the author box etc. 

The Author should update automatically for each post. The date has to be changed by you manually.